Legoland Chicago (Schaumberg)

October 10, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Finally, we made it to Legoland.  We had two grandkids who would not have been happy if we left this off of our bucket list.  They had a GREAT time!  We kept hearing, Thank you for bringing me here!  And of course, there were the million-plus smiles.  We looked at the exhibits and wondered about how much time goes into these creations.  There were scenes from Chicago, the buildings we had come to know, the airport, the river, and so much more.  There was a jungle exhibit where Indiana Jones welcomed us to see monkeys, spiders, a toucan, and other wonders.  There were the 4D movies - we watched two of them.  We took the ride and rescued the princess from spiders and bats and monsters (like playing laser tag without getting shot at ourselves).  We built buildings, people, cars, boats, and more.  We raced the cars down a big "track" and raced the boats through a water course.  There were things to climb on and another ride where you get to fly if you keep pedaling as the "planes" go around.  Again, we visited during the week in the afternoon and into the evening, so it was fairly quiet with only a few visitors until the evening, and even then there were not too many people at all.  This is not just for kids -- the legos just call to you, begging you to put them together, and it was fun to do that.




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