Fair Oaks Farms

October 04, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Cows, cows, cows, and more cows!  Yowza!  Did I mention they have cows?  They have literally thousands of dairy cows.  They also have pigs but we only had time to do the cow adventure on this visit.  We saw the cows being milked, cows who were in every stage of pregnancy, cows being milked, and calves of all ages to include a cow being born!  We just missed seeing one calving but we got to see the baby a few minutes after it was born, and did see one later in the day.  We watched a cow give birth -- live and real!  One of the staff said that they have about seven births each day.  That's how they have so many cows.

We took the cow bus to see the barns and the milking.  As amazing as the barns are, the milking was even more amazing.  It goes on constantly -- cows just keep coming in and going out.  It was quite an operation to view!  Each cow gets milked three times each day.  They gave us lots of information that I found fascinating and remembered for several hours, but my mind is crazy busy lately, so I can't tell you too much of the details with great accuracy now. 

There are activities for the kids (besides seeing the cows and pigs): jumping pillow, rope maze, toy tractors to ride, things that take you flying up in the air (it was closed because it was after Labor Day), etc.  There are hands-on buildings where you learn stuff.  There is the cow building, the pig building, and the crop building.  Each one was tons of fun for all ages.  Then there's the Cowfe where you can eat, buy delicious cheese to take home with you, watch the ice cream being made, or watch the yogurt being made.  There are also other foods and items to purchase.  On this visit, we just had the ice cream, but we bought the cheese last time and wished we could buy some more, but living out of suitcases made that not such a good idea at this time.

With or without kids, this is a good-time destination.  The farm is in Indiana but not far from Chicago. 




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