Colorado Waters

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River Rock (Colorado)River Rock (Colorado) It seemed that we could not avoid the rivers, not that we would want to, as we traveled across Colorado.  Our journey took us south and then north, and finally west, rather a round about way but it's often how we navigate.  Colorado's rivers are renown for fishing -- fly fishing to be more exact.  We camped along the edges of these waters and stopped for picnics along their winding ways.  The days were warm, but, yes, the nights got chilly and we woke up to ice along the edges of the river.  Hot coffee and cocoa never taste as good as when you wake up in the outdoors to such amazing views, especially as the sun is just rising, and your hands need something warm to hold onto.  We dipped our fingers in the Arkansas River, the Green River, and others.  Along the way, we also visited a few fish hatcheries to see the fish that would be released into these rivers and caught with great skill and patience in the future.

Mountain Vista (Colorado)Mountain Vista (Colorado) Yes, that is snow on the mountains in October.  We threw snowballs at Independence Summit where there was snow on the ground while temps were in the 50s and the sun felt wonderfully warm.  The continental divide was at the summit.  This is where the water on one side of the mountain eventually flows into the Pacific Ocean, and water that falls on the other side of the divide flows to the Atlantic Ocean.  That's a long way for water to flow, no matter which ocean it ends up in.  (There was snow before we got to the summit too.)

Mountain River (Colorado)Mountain River (Colorado)

These rivers are also famous for rafting the rapids, tubing, and kayaking.  Or, you could just sit on a rock along the edge, soak up some sun, and relax for a nice long while.


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