Crouse Photography: Blog en-us Copyright Dawn Crouse, 2010-2017. All rights reserved. Violations will be prosecuted. Phone: 719.357.1892. (Crouse Photography) Mon, 09 Jul 2018 22:47:00 GMT Mon, 09 Jul 2018 22:47:00 GMT Crouse Photography: Blog 120 90 Arrival (ID) We arrived in Idaho one week ago - our dream come true.  We bought a camper and put it on our new property and are living off-grid for awhile.  The dogs and our grandson are loving the room to run and roam!  We do not yet have an official address as we wait for them to name the "road" we live on and give us a number.  Without that, not much else can happen.  The electric company needs an address.  Permits and other pertinent docs also require an official address.  That's ok, because we like the peace of  nothing going on right now.  Well, not nothing -- we are clearing a bit of the brush and dead trees.  The wild flowers, ravens, humming birds, etc. keep us company.  We can hear the tractors mowing and baling hay not far from us but out of sight from our property.  We use the local library for internet every few days, ok, twice so far.

Here are some photos of the property and the area.

Home Sweet HomeHome Sweet Home Day 1 - getting the camper over the trail to the property.  It looks homier now with the awning and chairs, etc.

Our Yard (ID)Our Yard (ID) A piece of the property.

What Lies Beyond (ID)What Lies Beyond (ID) Another "yard" directly behind the camper - the view from the kitchen window.  We have cut some the dead pines shown here down and cleared part of a path through this section.

The View (ID)The View (ID) This is the view from our proposed home site.  We have someone coming out later this week to look at our site and talk about construction.

Birdhouse (ID)Birdhouse (ID) This is the birdhouse our grandson decorated while we were still living in Utah.  He had great pleasure in hanging his handiwork.

This is one of the many wild flowers in our yard.


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Lavender Fields Forever (UT) Essential (UT)Essential (UT) As much as I would have liked to travel to France to see fields of lavender, I found them closer to home.  I did not know until we were living here that essential oils is a major industry in the state of Utah.  One of the leaders in the field of essential oils is Young Living Farms.  They have farms around the globe as well as the Whispering Springs Farm we visited today in Mona, UT. 

Lovely Lavender (UT)Lovely Lavender (UT)

Although my photos showcase their lavender, they have so much more at this location: hundreds of horses, gardens with waterfalls, a castle arena for jousting, another arena for rodeos, an old western town, a climbing wall, a giant dragon, a camel, and more!  And it was all FREE!  There is a store selling essential oils and other products.  If wandering the grounds and shopping aren't enough, they have events such as jousting and rodeos.  Next week is Lavender Days at the Mona location.

Fragrant Fields (UT)Fragrant Fields (UT) If you cannot get to one of these beautiful farms, you can immerse yourself in these images.  If you know of other great garden sites, please let us know.

Come to Me (UT)Come to Me (UT)

Lavender Row (UT)Lavender Row (UT)

Pretty in a Row (UT)Pretty in a Row (UT)


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The Palouse (ID) I am always amazed how many times I say, "How did I not know that?"  How do I not know of beautiful places and events and occurrences after all of these years?  I keep thinking that there can't be that many more secrets left in this time of mass information.  What is left to discover?  But, there is always something new!  I had never heard of The Palouse, but it's magnificent and covers 3 states: Washington, Oregon, and Idaho.  It's the Northwest's version of the prairies of the Midwest.  These prairies, though, are not flat.  Instead, they roll over and into each other.  They undulate beneath the bright blue sky.  I first saw them a few months ago, in the winter.  They were bare and brown with wonderful plow lines engraved into them, and I wondered how even more beautiful they would be covered in green crops.  This week, I saw them partially greened with fresh crops, some about a foot high, other fields only just breaking the surface of the soil.  I loved the patterns of the plow lines, the contrasts of the colors, the way the light hit the gentle slopes and the shadows hidden from the sunlight.  

Our new home is near the Palouse, and I will get to see them with with wheat tall enough to add waves of their own as the sway in the breeze.  I can't wait to see what else I will discover in the area around my new home.  Keep posted and you may learn something new too.

Light on the Palouse (ID)Light on the Palouse (ID)

Side by Side (ID)Side by Side (ID)

Rolling Along (ID)Rolling Along (ID)

Coming Together (ID)Coming Together (ID)

A Time for Growing (ID)A Time for Growing (ID)

More Green (ID)More Green (ID)

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Light So Bright -- How I Got That Shot Amid sorting and packing and house plans, etc., I do get out for periods of time.  As I've mentioned in previous posts, the neighborhood has beautiful landscaping.  The flowers seem to bloom in never-ending succession.  These white flowers bloomed last week, and I loved the way the light was playing on them.  I hoped to get back to them the next morning but it's been raining and the magic light I was waiting for is not available currently.  Maybe they will still look so good in the next couple of days.

The sun was so very bright and it can be difficult photographing white flowers (or white anything.)  It's too easy to overexpose the white and lose the details.  I've learned that I have to disregard the light meter built into my camera on these occasions and shoot much faster, allowing less light in.  I had to drop down so far that the entire background, the rest of the garden, was blacked out.  I like the look.  I love the texture of the petals, the contrasts between the bright whites and the dark background.  Shooting with a macro lens and an f-stop of 3.5 helps to blur and separate the background from the subject.

Light So Bright (UT)Light So Bright (UT)

I hope that you enjoy the image.  It seems that it has become tradition to post images of flowers for Mother's Day.  Share this with your mothers, and to all the mothers and mothering persons, Happy Mother's Day!

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Swimming Dog (UT) The dog park with the water and dock opened again, so we ran up to give the dogs some good summer fun.  It was the first time for the girls, but Jäävuori knew what to do and showed them the fun to be had.  The girls did get into the water but they did not go off the dock (this time.)  We had not question about their love of the water but didn't know what they would do when the water was over their head.  No problem for them, though.  All three dogs had a ton of excitement, absolutely loving the water, the ball chasing, the other dogs, and running.  This image is of Tilly standing on the dock, watching the other dogs who did jump from it.  She looks wistful, but she jumped off the bank into the water and had no trouble, but the dock will be something to try on another visit.

If you are in the Salt Lake City area, or driving along I-80 and your dog(s) need a break from traveling this summer, I strongly recommend getting off at the Park City exit.  They have two great dog parks that we frequent.  The pond/lake with the dock is at Willow Creek Dog Park, not hard to get to.  There is a separate area for dogs to run but not play in water.  Both sections are plenty large enough for wide open running.  There is water available for people and dogs to drink.  Also, there is a great playground for kids and trails and a picnic area.  If you want more info, please feel free to contact us.

Swimming HoleSwimming Hole

We'd love to see photos of your pets swimming or playing in water -- please share!


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Pretty in Pink Yesterday, family in NY reported that they were getting yet more snow.  Someone actually joked that they don't have enough firewood to keep warm through the summer.  For anyone not yet experiencing the beauty of spring (don't get me wrong -- I LOVE winter), here is a bit of spring from our neighborhood.  I think, if I remember these trees from last year, they are crab apple trees.  It's irrelevant, really, though, because the blossoms right now are awesome!  No matter the fruit that appears in the next few months, the tree is bursting with fresh color and energy.  We take "observation walks," meaning that we walk with the intent of observing nature around us as we walk.  It's a good exercise, as so often we walk with a destination in mind, clocking so many miles, or walking for some specified time.  Observation walks change our mindset, open our eyes, and slow us down.  We see what we too often miss.  It's more than observation as all of our senses are alert - we hear birds, we smell the scents of the flowers, and even touch things to feel the different textures and temps.  Try it and let us know what you discover as you explore your local neighborhood, maybe even just your yard.

Bouquet of Spring (UT)Bouquet of Spring (UT)

Pretty in Pink (UT)Pretty in Pink (UT)

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Snails are Beautiful (UT) There's great opportunity for exploration and adventure in the rain.  The dogs don't care what the weather is - they just want to go out and romp, so off we all trudge in a galloping tangled sort of way.  I found a snail on the sidewalk the other day and tried to hurry the dogs as best I could back to the house to get my camera.  Taking only one dog this time plus a kid, we went back to find the snail I had seen just a minute or two earlier.  Having a tween was an unexpected advantage because he loved the search for snails and found several for me among the gardens of our neighbors.  Here are two photos of the snails we observed on our rainy adventure.  

I love how clear the slime is in the one photo.  They create their own little river to navigate as they go along, making smooth their journey, or something a bit more scientific but similar.  In the other photo, I love that the snail seems to be eating the berries.  The color red pops in the photo and draws your eyes to the color.  Snail shells are also things of beauty.  The math involved in the spiral design is fascinating (Fibonacci / Golden Ratio.)  The colors, the simplicity.  Small miracles of life surviving a world where human impact is unavoidable.  

We were soaking wet but laughing as we returned from our adventure and our treasures (the captured images and memories.)  It was more than just rain, but splashing in puddles and lying in wet grass to get the photos, but it was all worth it.  A cup of tea and honey as we looked at the photos was just more magic added to the adventure.

Snail on the Move (UT)Snail on the Move (UT)

Snail and Berries (UT)Snail and Berries (UT)

What small adventures do you have right outside your door?  Share your experiences.

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Spring Expedition (UT) The gardens and landscaping here are lovely.  I very much want to trespass into people's yards to photograph the splendor growing there.  I try to restrain myself and photograph only the plants closest to the road and certainly not near windows and doors.  Walking the dogs, though, does provide some good opportunity to linger as we walk, although the dogs want to smell every new thing, including the flowers.  

Here are 3 images from this morning's walk.  I like the simplicity of these images, the uncluttered focus.  I'm already trying to figure out where I will hang prints of these images (metal, canvas, photo paper?).  Each was taken with my Canon macro lens.  The first two of the images have an added texture layer for added interest.  The simplest one, although it may look like it has a texture layer, is the natural background and sky.

I hope that spring is showing itself where you live and that you will note and savor the beauty of this season.  

Blue Gaze (UT)Blue Gaze (UT) Black Sky Blossoms (UT)Black Sky Blossoms (UT) Spring Offering (UT)Spring Offering (UT)

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Texture Study: Maine Coastline A few years ago, my grandson and I had a wonderful adventure traveling through New England and the Canadian Maritimes.  We pulled an old relic of a camper that remained in a continual state of disintegration as we traveled.  Lots of stories and anxiety about that!  But we made it all the way up to the northern tip of Newfoundland where there is an archeological site of a Viking settlement.  It was summer but we encountered icy roads immediately after leaving the overnight ferry to Newfoundland, and then experienced snow towards the northern point.  The highlight of this trip were the icebergs!  I had made this trip several years earlier with my husband and had been disappointed on that trip to not see any then.  Of course, the entire coastline of the Maritimes and New England was spectacular!  Then, somehow, we made it all the way back home with that camper.  In Maine, we purchased fresh lobster from a local man who boiled them for us outdoors in the blustery, wet dusk.  We feasted on those lobsters, and to this day, my grandson will tell you that his favorite food is lobster.

As stated in my previous post, I've been playing with old images and new textures lately.  Here are 3 studies of the same image but with different textures applied to them.  I hope that you like them as much as I do.

Coastline of Maine - texture study_)ACoastline of Maine - texture study_)A

Coastline of Maine - texture study_0BCoastline of Maine - texture study_0B

Coastline of Maine - texture study_0CCoastline of Maine - texture study_0C The ruggedness of the rocks matches the rugged mood of the weather; ruggedness appeals to me.

If you've been in this part of the world, please share your stories and photos with us.  Those who have not been can dream of visiting this region and hopefully many will make the trek and have a lovely adventure of your own.


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Follow the Light Winter's been slow here with no snow until last week finally.  I've focused on some other things, like two puppies who are full of energy and need serious play and daily training.  It's been fun, but I was longing to get back to some photography too.  I've taken shots of the puppies with my phone and snow on the mountains, with my phone, the kind of shots that you send to friends and family and then delete from your phone.  I wanted something more creative, more creative and intensive, so I gathered a bunch of new textures to play with.  Textures are layers that I put over photographs to shift the mood.  It's a little bit like changing the mood of a room by putting a scarf or colored tissue paper over a light (don't let it catch fire!).  Texture layers do more than change the color, though, and you can mix several textures together.  It's fun to see what happens with different layers.  You can buy textures to use, but it's also not at all difficult to make your own.  For questions on how to do that, just message me and I'll go into more detail.  I love teaching photography!

Anyway, I started with a old photo taken in Arizona.  We were just approaching our destination, a petroglyph site, when we crossed a little bridge over a stream.  There were trees with yellow foliage and red rocks and blue sky.  The picture didn't seem to quite capture the experience and it got filed away on a hard drive.  Over the recent chilly winter months, I began to play with images like this one by adding texture layers to them.  This is one of the results.

Follow the Light (AZ)Follow the Light (AZ)

You can see other photos that have texture layers on them herehere, here, and here.  You can even use them on photos with people as with this photo.

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Make a Friend with a Puppy Tilly went to her first show, just a Puppy Match, but she made lots of friends, both people and other dogs.  She did not like walking on a leash in a ring, and she did not like the judge, but she learned lots, and, maybe more importantly, I learned a lot of things about how it all works.  Then on Wednesday, Tilly went to puppy class and made lots of other new friends.  She showed them all how to walk on a leash, like she was the expert.  If she will only do that in the ring next time, we'd be good.  This weekend, Tilly got her own FaceBook page so she can keep in touch with all of her new friends.  If you want to be her friend on FB too, just check her out here.  She needed a profile photo, so we took some pics today, and she behaved so well.  She is just the cutest!

Sweet TillySweet Tilly

And this one in silhouette.

Berger Picard SillouetteBerger Picard Sillouette

(Crouse Photography) berger breed canine cutest dog face fur pet picard portrait puppy Sat, 17 Feb 2018 23:53:42 GMT
The Way of the River (UT) It is an amazing phenomenon the process of erosion.  The Grand Canyon is a product of erosion as the river cut through layer after layer after layer of stone, continuously deepening its groove while revealing striking strata of colors that are the catalyst for the millions of oohs and aaah and the awed silence of visitors  when faced with its wonder.  The Colorado River runs deep throughout many of the canyons in Utah producing splendid landscapes along its path.  

Colorado River (UT)Colorado River (UT) We camp in this spot along the river and it is hard to fall asleep because I don't want to miss a moment of the shifting beauty as the sky changes and the moon and stars illuminate the landscape and then as the sun arises and floods the scenery with color and light.  It's one of my fave camping sites, one that is quiet except for the sounds of nature.  You can see the ancient path of the river and the exposed rock that tells the story of the river's past.  It cuts down, down, down.  It sounds so simple but the result is stunning.

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Puppy Christmas 2017 Merry Christmas to all!  We hope that you found joy and peace this holiday.  The wonder of love is the best adventure.  As a family geographically dispersed but treasuring family connections, we used Skype and FaceTime, 6 phones/tablets/computers to celebrate together.  We could see each household and hear all the laughter, oohs and aah, and shouts of glee despite the many miles separating us.  Throughout the day, we texted to share foods made and enjoyed, new clothes worn, and gifts put to use.  It's not the same as being together in person, but until we can all congregate again, this is pretty good.  Of course the pets in each household shared in the festivities.  Our pups love their new toys and their new blankets.  Left alone for a few minutes yesterday, Tilly, our youngest decided to lay claim to Izmir's cabin.  She pulled her large new blanket out of her own kennel and dragged into the next larger one, and then settled down to nap.  Here is an image of each dog on Christmas day.

Puppy Christmas 2017Puppy Christmas 2017

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Mountain Peaks of Utah Amid the Peaks (UT)Amid the Peaks (UT) From HWY 189 near Provo, UT is a road that wends its windy way over the mountains with magnificent views - Squaw Peak Road.  It's a 4-wheel road that gets worse as it goes, but so worth it if you are able to continue.  Wet weather may make this drive a pretty bad road to travel, so make decisions wisely and carry the right gear for challenging circumstances.

We traveled this route late September after some early snow.  The sun was bright and temps were mild.  The views were breathtaking!  I had recently bought a new super wide angle lens, but that would not do the scene justice.  I had to shoot panorama to even begin to capture the beauty of what we experienced in person.  

I hope to make this trip again in the spring once the roads are open again.  Anyone want to come with me?


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Puppy Updates It's snowing right now - those big, fluffy kinds of flakes.  Of course, the dogs all whine if we don't let them out in it.  They somehow know the scent of snow or the sound of snow - they know it's out there and they need to get to it.  Izmir and Jäävu are energetic in their scampering, but Tilly is more of an admirer although she gets her pouncing and licks in too, and she fights when I bring her inside.  

The first 2 images are from last week, without snow.  The third is clearly with snow.  Hopefully the snow will be here tomorrow morning and we can get pictures of all of the dogs and hopefully some deeper snow by then.


Bottoms UpBottoms Up

I'm Waiting for MoreI'm Waiting for More

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Berger Picard Puppy We fell in love with this breed and passionately with this puppy immediately.  Tilly is the newest member of our household, making three puppies now.  Crazy, right?  Yes, but it will not always be so crazy as they grow up much too quickly.  She is already 9 weeks old.  She loves to play with the 4 month old, and our 2 year old Lab hovers over her protectively day and night.  The three of them frolic, play tag and tug, and nap together.  Tilly sings as she falls asleep, the sweetest cooing!  She has that crazy wobbly pouncing motion as she runs, loves to be held, and has those eyes that reach straight into your heart.  Both of her ears will stand alert when she finishes with teething.  This is a puppy that we plan to breed when she is ready (get your orders in.)  You'll definitely be seeing more puppy pictures soon, so check back often or subscribe.

Looking at YouLooking at You

One Ear UpOne Ear Up

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NW Montana - Quick Travels Curiosity of a Bighorn (MT)Curiosity of a Bighorn (MT) Last week, we traveled to northwestern Montana.  We knew that it would be beautiful; just the name Montana conjures images of the grandest beauty, the most majestic mountains, iconic mountain streams, and an impressive array of wildlife.  We were not at all disappointed - the state actually seemed to go above and beyond our best expectations and hopes.  There was snow!  I know not everyone wold cheer about that, but it was fresh snow that glittered in the brilliant warmth of an intense sun that broke through the clouds in a burst of awesomeness.  The rivers were full of fish that fed the wild swans and the bald eagles.  We saw bison, a giant of an elk, deer, a variety of huge hawks, and bighorn sheep.  All except the bison were up close.  The mountains - what can I say about them other than they are breathtakingly beautiful.  They rise up from the low lying clouds, towering high in the sky like the mythical and mystical forms that they are.

Montana RiverMontana River

Winter River (MT)Winter River (MT)

Izmir, our newest puppy, celebrated her 3-month birthday in Montana with an introduction to snow.  It did not take long for her to realize the fun that this strange wet and cold stuff could be.  She sprinted up and down steep hills/mountains in it and loved every minute of it.  

Puppy in Montana SnowPuppy in Montana Snow

Enjoy a few glimpses of our travel and adventure, while you plot your own adventures.  

Elk Viewing (MT)Elk Viewing (MT)

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Western Weekend (UT) It was a busy weekend besides the usual busyness on life.  

Heber City hosts a Western Music and Cowboy Poetry event each year.  As wonderful as that sounds, it includes even more western wonders than music and poetry.  New to us was the Mounted Shooting competition.  We attended on Friday afternoon and it was a free event!  How awesome is that?  The event was exciting, fast paced, and impressive.  As the announcer said at one point, how can anyone ride that fast and still shoot with any accuracy?   These cowgirls and cowboys are very talented!

Friday night, we attended the Buckaroo Ball (part of the Western Music and Cowboy poetry event) with a live country band and lots of western dancing.  There were plenty of kids out there kicking up their heels as well as the more polished dancers.  Our ten year old made up some of his own dances and was fascinated by the dance moves of those who have been dancing for years.  I did not take photos during this event as I totally intended to enjoy the festivities with the family.

On Saturday morning, we headed in another direction to Antelope Island for the 2017 Bison Roundup.  This is also a free event although there is a fee to cross the causeway and a state park fee.  Cowboys gather to roundup the bison each year to check their health and to cull the herd so that the island can feed and shelter the animals on it adequately.  People gathered along the roads and viewpoints to watch the cowboys encourage the bison to head in the right direction and into the corral where they would be contained for a period.   I'd been to the bison roundup in South Dakota several years ago, and this is nothing like that event.  The first thing you'll notice is that this is a much, much smaller event. There aren't crowds of spectators, and the bison are far from the spectators who do attend.  I have to admit that I missed hearing the thundering hooves, the heavy breathing of the large animals, and seeing the bison at closer range, but even with that comparison, it is an impressive event to witness.  I appreciate the safety aspect, although I never felt unsafe in South Dakota.  The Utah event may be slower and smaller (who likes crowds anyway?) but it is always exciting to see cowboys in live action and a whole herd of bison running up a mountain.  

Add these events to your calendar for 2018!

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The Spiral Jetty (Utah) I've been waiting to see the Spiral Jetty in person for almost a year now, pretty much since we moved to Utah.  It is about an hour and a half drive from Salt Lake City, so you wouldn't think it would be all that hard to get here, but, you know, there are so many other things to do too.  The best directions is to put Golden Spike National Historic Site into your GPS, stop there and see the trains, and the polished railroad tie, and the railroad spikes, and when done there, keep traveling down the same road (16 miles), only the road becomes more of a dirt road.  It's not a bad road, though, and shouldn't be a problem for most vehicles in good weather.

The jetty is a piece of land art that extends into the Great Salt Lake (northeastern shore.)  The artist, Robert Smithson, created this masterpiece in 1970.  It used to be revealed during low tides, but has been visible during  high and low tides since the early 2000's due to the lower water level of the Great Salt Lake.  It is meant to change as nature interacts with man's  work.  The 6,000 tons of obsidian rocks are locally harvested, as the hills sloping towards the salt flats here are abundantly decorated with them.  The spiral itself stretches out and winds around itself for 1,500 feet.  

The form of the jetty is one that you can walk and find relaxation in the activity.  The view, of course, is beautiful.  Weather was calm and sunny the day we visited (mid-October.)  Birds could be heard and seen flying overhead (Great Salt Lake is on the migration path for many birds this time of year.) It was a peaceful location to have a snack, relax as we walked the salt flat, follow the path of the spiral, and just enjoy the scenery.

Spiral Jetty: A View  (UT)Spiral Jetty: A View (UT)

Walking the Spiral Jetty (UT)Walking the Spiral Jetty (UT)

Puppy at the Jetty (UT)Puppy at the Jetty (UT)

Jumping the Jetty (UT)Jumping the Jetty (UT)

Spiral Jetty (UT)Spiral Jetty (UT)

All photos taken with Canon 5D MK II and III, and Canon lenses.  Photos edited up in Adobe PhotoShop CC.

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Puppy Portraits (bonus posting) Izmir is 10 weeks and 2 days old today.  She finally got her staples out and is rid of her hated cone.  To celebrate her freedom and her cuteness, we did a photo shoot.  Of course, she had treats too.  Enjoy our sweet baby, although I'm not sure Jäävuori would use the word sweet to describe her when she consistently nips the tips of his tail and ears.  He does enjoy playing with her, of course, and they both cry if separated from each other when the play gets too rambunctious (mostly for my own sanity.)

All Ears (and Eyes and Cuteness)All Ears (and Eyes and Cuteness)


Sleeping PuppySleeping Puppy Photos were taken with Canon 5D MKIII and Canon 100mm macro lens.

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