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      Crouse Photography captures as much wonder of the world as we can to share with you in images, stories, and in person.  

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Kodachrome Basin State Park (UT)

As magically beautiful as Utah is, you can expect that its state parks are gems and you'd be right. Kodachrome Basin State Park had been on our list for a while to visit,...
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Desert Flowers (for Mothers)

I hope that you didn't forget to send a card or something to those in your life that care for, tend to, and mother you. Just in case you did forget, send a link to this p...
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Just Like in the Movies

This scene reminds me of something straight from an old western movie, probably from several old movies. My dad and I used to watch Clint Eastwood's westerns together - s...
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Hoodoos for Everyone

If you've ever been to Bryce Canyon National Park, it would be easy to think that all hoodoos in the world are in this one place. You'd be wrong, though. Bryce certainly...
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This post is long over due and I apologize as I promised this topic a while ago. Petroglyphs are prehistoric, created by Native Americans, at least the ones in the USA. T...
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