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Light So Bright -- How I Got That Shot

Amid sorting and packing and house plans, etc., I do get out for periods of time. As I've mentioned in previous posts, the neighborhood has beautiful landscaping. The flo...
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Swimming Dog (UT)

The dog park with the water and dock opened again, so we ran up to give the dogs some good summer fun. It was the first time for the girls, but Jäävuori knew what to do a...
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Pretty in Pink

Yesterday, family in NY reported that they were getting yet more snow. Someone actually joked that they don't have enough firewood to keep warm through the summer. For an...
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Snails are Beautiful (UT)

There's great opportunity for exploration and adventure in the rain. The dogs don't care what the weather is - they just want to go out and romp, so off we all trudge in...
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Spring Expedition (UT)

The gardens and landscaping here are lovely. I very much want to trespass into people's yards to photograph the splendor growing there. I try to restrain myself and photo...
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