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Colors of Kolob Canyons (Utah)

Kolob Canyons are a part of Zion National Park in Utah. It is separate from the main, larger area of the park but well worth the extra drive. The canyon road is only seve...
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Red Canyon through the Fog (Utah)

I first discovered Red Canyon several years ago when I was traveling with my son. I've been back to it a few times now, and I discover a totally different canyon each tim...
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Red Rocks of Echo Canyon - The Difference Focal Point Makes (Utah)

Without looking at a map, I jumped into the Jeep last weekend and headed off to find Wyoming. I knew the direction but didn't really have any idea how far away it was. It...
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Moose Sunday

I've heard of moose in the area, and today we got to see two of them. We were only minutes from Salt Lake City off the Dell Mountain Recreation Area exit on I-80. It was...
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Ice Castle - Winter Wonderland

We didn't know such a thing existed and stumbled upon information about the ice castle near us. It is the icy substance of fairy tales in real life. The castle is careful...
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