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      Crouse Photography captures as much wonder of the world as we can to share with you in images, stories, and in person.  

      You are invited to join us in our travel adventures, both local distant.  We hope that you are inspired to discover wonders for yourself.  Please share your photos, comments, questions. 

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Berger Picard Puppy

We fell in love with this breed and passionately with this puppy immediately. Tilly is the newest member of our household, making three puppies now. Crazy, right? Yes, bu...
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NW Montana - Quick Travels

Last week, we traveled to northwestern Montana. We knew that it would be beautiful; just the name Montana conjures images of the grandest beauty, the most majestic mounta...
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Western Weekend (UT)

It was a busy weekend besides the usual busyness on life. Heber City hosts a Western Music and Cowboy Poetry event each year. As wonderful as that sounds, it includes ev...
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The Spiral Jetty (Utah)

I've been waiting to see the Spiral Jetty in person for almost a year now, pretty much since we moved to Utah. It is about an hour and a half drive from Salt Lake City, s...
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Puppy Portraits (bonus posting)

Izmir is 10 weeks and 2 days old today. She finally got her staples out and is rid of her hated cone. To celebrate her freedom and her cuteness, we did a photo shoot. Of...
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