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      Crouse Photography captures as much wonder of the world as we can to share with you in images, stories, and in person.  

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The Little Bighorn Sheep (UT)

The little ones are always the cutest, aren't they? As the adults rested, the young bighorn sheep played. The climbed onto the biggest rocks giving them the best views. T...
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Bighorn Sheep of Mt Timpanogos (Utah)

We went to see what hiking would be like near Mt. Timpanogos ("The Timp") and found bighorn sheep. It hadn't even occurred to me to expect any of these -- deer, yes, elk,...
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Peaks of Zion National Park (Utah)

As promised, this posting shows West Temple in its most commonly photographed context. West Temple is on the left of the line and the Altar of Sacrifice is on the right (...
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Our Dog Update

I was looking for some photos last night and came across pictures of our puppy when he was just small and ever so cute. After the oohs and ahas, I realized how long its b...
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Temple Mountains of Zion National Park (Utah)

West Temple Mountain is an iconic image of Zion NP and one of its highest peaks. This broad shouldered mountain reaches 7810 feet high. There are trails that go up this m...
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