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      Crouse Photography captures as much wonder of the world as we can to share with you in images, stories, and in person.  

      You are invited to join us in our travel adventures, both local distant.  We hope that you are inspired to discover wonders for yourself.  Please share your photos, comments, questions. 

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Flight Park (Utah)

Have you ever dreamed of flying, of floating peacefully as a fluffy cloud, or maybe of climbing high in the sky to dive downwards for the thrill of it? Not everyone gets...
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Puppy Discovers Fall Leaves (Bonus Puppy Post)

Izmir got to discover fall leaves this afternoon, her first encounter of the wonderful world of the outdoors and nature (first with us). She scampered this way and that,...
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Up a Mountain in Utah

Through the canyon and up the mountain - Hobble Creek Canyon to start with, through the Uinta National Forest, and to the peak of Strawberry Mountain, and then back down...
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Our Family Grew!

We've wanted another dog for Jäävuori to play with and today took the plunge with a rescue puppy. We had to wait 2 very long days to meet and adopt her. So glad the wait...
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Thar's Gold in Them Mountains

I have been eagerly awaiting fall in the mountains, especially for the aspens to turn their magical gold. We camped the last weekend of September and each day ventured up...
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